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Awareness, Prevention & Protection Initiative

Awareness, Prevention & Protection

The Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro Sister City Foundation wants to create programs for affordable housing, education and transportation. Our health awareness programs will help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses, by giving needed information to communities. With your help, we will create programs and community outreach. Also provide support to organizations working to help underserved communities learn to live healthy lifestyles, and how to prevent and prepare for potentially deadly illnesses.

Awareness and prevention is one of the best strategies on healthy living, access to affordable
housing, education and transportation are issues facing underserved communities.

Health awareness, prevention and protection help minimize the spread of deadly illnesses. Receiving clear and consistent guidance on resources, preventive measures, signs of illness, effective treatments, and when and where to seek medical treatment will save lives. Sadly, individuals, families, and communities in underserved areas may not receive life-saving information in a timely manner, or at all.

With your help, ARSJSCF will work to change this. We will create programs and provide financial support to entities that work within these communities, to create awareness and share vital information regarding affordable housing, education and transportation. In addition, work in
the areas of prevention, protection, and health care resources.

Please make a donation now to help ARJSCF provide those in need with life-saving information and programs. Your financial contribution will help save lives. No amount is too small or too large. Every donation will help keep our global community safe and healthy.

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