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Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions signs agreement with Atlanta-Rio Foundation

The Urban Solutions has signed a technical cooperation agreement with the Atlanta Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Foundation for project development and exchange of experiences.

One idea is the participation of technicians from the U.S. in trade fairs and events in Georgia, organized by the Hispanic Association of Builders. In 2009, Solutions was awarded a nominee of the U.S. ARSCF.

U.S. draws up plan targets for 2009-2011
The quality of life in cities is the result of public policy and planning at different levels and management capacity of municipal power, 

which are crucial to the way society deals or appropriates the space. But no less decisive in the formation of territories, domains and social relationships that are established in public and private spaces, the expression of the very values ​​of this society.

The Urban Solutions preaches the mobilization of people and institutions in discussion forums on democratic planning and urban management. We believe in the collective construction of space as a means of reflection, experimentation and absorption of concepts that promote social change and the identification and definition of actions that, based on networks of knowledge, skills and responsibilities, to ensure sustainability.

Proposals for improving the quality of urban integrated actions should be based on the locations identified as public and private spaces in order to accommodate the different sectoral areas and achieve the greatest possible understanding of social phenomena. From a systemic perspective, the issues should be analyzed in a comprehensive way in order to subsidize the production of solutions that have answers to problems of a functional, environmental, perceptual, social, and others simultaneously.

The plan targets the U.S. for the period 2009/10 is under construction and will be released in July. We are currently working in the cities of Rio and Niteroi Teresópolis.

Building the Americas Award
Our project "Architect Family" received its first International Award. The Urban Solutions has awarded the "Building the Americas Award" in category "Emerging Organization of the Year" (2009). One of the most important awards in the field of urban planning and construction in the United States.