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Latin America is the most urbanized region in the world with nearly 80 percent of its population residing in cities, creating economic opportunities for millions of people.


However, this growth also strains the ability of regional leaders to guarantee quality of life, generate jobs, keep citizens safe from crime, and protect the environment. As rapid urbanization increasingly becomes a reality, traditional models of urban development can be redesigned to ensure that cities are smarter, safer, and more sustainable for citizens.

In this session, key leaders from across sectors will share how participants can:

• replicate innovative approaches to urban development through successful public and private programs
• identify ways for the private sector to participate in public infrastructure projects through financing and technical innovation
• advance mobility, improve security, reduce crime, support marginalized communities, and increase civic engagement by expanding partnerships across sectors


Franklin T. McGruder, President
4062 Peachtree Road
Suite A, Concourse 193
Atlanta, GA 30319
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Marco Fronseca Decosta 

626 Bergen Ave. #711

New York, New York 10455 917.891.2208

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