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The Challenge of Sister Cities
We are living in an international crisis, the gravest of our time. It will be a great challenge it wins and still find opportunities for solutions to conflicts and social inequalities that we have.

The Atlanta-Rio Sister Cities Foundation Gains 501(c)3 Status 
The Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Foundation received nonprofit 501(c)3 status from the IRS in November 2010. 

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SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Former President Barack Obama on Thursday told business leaders in Brazil that he regretted...

To strengthen partnerships and communication between United States and globally by collaborating with organizations and funding programs that promote culture, education, entertainment and sports.


The Sister Cities Program was launched in 1956 by President Eisenhower to further international understanding and friendship at all levels of the community on a continuing long term basis. Since its inception four decades ago, the Sister Cities Program has grown into the world’s largest international organization. In theme with Sister Cities International’s slogan, "Peace Through People", the City of Atlanta currently has forged sister city relationships with 18 international cities.


The spirit of the Sister Cities Program is expressed in the purpose of the Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro Sister City Foundation: to facilitate increased contact and exchanges between the United States and populous local governments. This aim is based on a belief that greater interaction between the multiple countries will build on feelings of mutual goodwill.

Atlanta Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Foundation
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Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro
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4062 Peachtree Road
Suite A, Concourse 193
Atlanta, GA 30319
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